The Current Economic Crisis and Understanding It or Welcome to the Plutocracy!

Our very large banks and the Federal Reserve Bank have our country and our financial system in a stranglehold. After using Shock Doctrine economics first in many third world and developing countries and toppling those economies, they then began applying the principles to the United States and Europe. During the past two or three decades, the big banking industry has generated an enormous pyramid scheme of loans with no hard cash backing which resulted in a huge financial bubble of money that did not exist. When the chips were cashed in at the tail end of the game, the big guys at the top of the scheme emerged with most of the world's money and middle and lower classes were left with practically nothing, many without jobs and others losing their homes. There can be no peace or social justice until the current economic system is completely changed and a new just system is created to take its place. Here is some information to get you started in your quest to understand what happened. Knowledge is crucial to change.

We also recommend the movie Inside Job for a short overview of the causes of the present economic crisis and a short history of how the banking industry is involved. Here is a list of good books on the subject:

Ellen Brown, Web of Debt
Charles R. Morris, The Two Trillion Dollar Meltdown: Easy Money, High Rollers, and the Great Credit Crash
Naomi Klein, Shock Doctrine
John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man